Construction & Energy Efficiency Features

All of Triple M homes exterior wall sheathing is glued and stapled to the studs and belt rails leaving no exterior sheathing unsupported by framing. The sheathing also laps the floor framing and perimeter of the roof.

tWALL.The standard framing is 2×6 on 24″ centres. Most windows fit between standard framing centres, so there is no need for extra studs, allowing for additional insulation.

A special exterior wall stud design allows the installation of windows and doors without needing extra studs or headers.

Our unique header detail makes it possible to insulate the header, thereby reducing thermal bridging.

The exterior wall header detail also allows us to move roof trusses around as necessary without adding additional wall framing.

The structure of the home is designed to withstand snow loads far in excess of the snow loads in most areas in the country. 

The interior side of the exterior wall is designed in such a way that the gyproc is glued to the belt rails while still providing a continuous vapor barrier.

All electrical boxes are wrapped with a vapor barrier, and all wires are fastened and sealed with caulking. All penetrations in the walls and ceiling through the vapor barrier are sealed with caulking.  

All of these unique features create a tight structure and a more energy efficient building.

Triple M Homes standard insulation is R60 in the roof, R22 in the exterior walls, and R40 in the floor, depending on the floor framing types. Other insulation options could be available upon request and depending on the type of home and construction type.

Their standard window is a double-glazed low emissivity window. We have an R9 window available in some products as an option that has significantly greater energy performance than our standard window and reduces energy consumption for the entire house.

Triple M Homes construct our truss floor houses with a built-up perimeter beam. This allows the house to be set on a basement without the need for an extra built-up beam in the basement. 

Each phase of the construction program is supervised and monitored by trained quality control personnel to ensure that each home is built on time, within budget, and to exact specifications. All Triple M homes meet—and in many cases exceed—the requirements of the Canadian Standards Association and the National Building Code. We strive to be an industry leader, and we provide a quality Canadian product at a competitive price.